Green Onion, Who Knew?

Hello Rabbit,

Daniel and I eat A LOT of nachos, pretty much our favourite meal to eat. Especially when we are feeling lazy and want to pig out and watch a movie…which is a lot.  One of the many vegetables that we like to put on our nachos is green onion.  When you get to the bottom of your green onion stem you are left with that white little stumpy thing with the roots coming out. We got to thinking if you put that in water, would it grown? Well darlings, I am here to tell you it totally does! Who’s pumped at this discovery!? I know I am! Now we will have nonstop green onion for all of our nacho adventures. It is fun to grow your own herbs, this has inspired me to get a herb garden going for our balcony. Stay tuned for that folks!

Trash Blog – The School Locker

Well fart weasels, we meet again, and guess what? its time for a little segment I like to call “trash blog”. This is where we take items thrown to the curb, discarded with malice and cruelty. You know how there is that saying “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”? Well, I believe that statement to be true, making garbage day one of my favorite days. Unless of course that garbage day falls on a day where you are walking down Spadina in China town while the garbage men are on strike, there are roasting ducks in the windows AND your nose hairs are being singed off because it smells of literal ass hole. Then, it is not my fave day.

Todays feature item you’ve seen before, in fact some of you may have been thrown into one by a school bully, or maybe even stuffed into one. How dramatic! Does that just happen in the movies? Yes ladies and gents, this item is in fact a school locker. I got it from a friend of a friend who’s mom works at a school that is getting knocked to the ground. Will it make a crash, or a wallop? Anywhoodle, here it is! Isn’t she a beaut!? I have yet to decide what to do with it, but I plan on fixing it up. I was thinking about painting her white, and then painting the inside a really obnoxious florescent yellow or pink. I think you should post a comment and tell me what YOU think I should do to her. GO!

Well Bonjour.

It is I, The Duke of Design. For those of you who don’t know who I am, allow me to introduce myself! My birth name is Brian, Brian Joseph Innis, and I am from Halifax Nova Scotia. The sea-side land of beards, plaid, and great hipster people. This past September my boyfriend and I moved to Toronto, Ontario. The smelly lakeside land of smog, tall buildings, and stinkier hipsters.  To say the least I am still warming up to my new home.

This is what I look like...

I started this blog in October, however upon recent diddling around with settings (I know right, stop screwing around and just leave it alone) I deleted all of my previous posts. My initial reaction was DEVASTATION. I quickly tried to recover my past posts with zero fucking luck.  In my bewilderment I messaged a fellow blogger. His name!? I’ll give you a hint, he is a fellow Brian (the Y way though [Bryan]) and a fabulous one at that. Bryan Boy, from Yes thats right the famous fashion blogger. His suggestion was “start over”, so that is what I’m doing. I am looking at this positively and I will march onward.

That is all for now. hmmph.