DIY: $15 Lamp

If you need light, this DIY is for you. This project cost fifteen bucks. Thats pretty cheap, so you could for sure do this if you were poor. Five Bucks for spray paint, five bucks for the lamp at Value Village, and five bucks for the lamp shade at IKEA. To be completely real right now, I could just show you a  picture of the finished product and then you could just guess at how to do this. You don’t need a step by step tutorial on how to spray paint a fucking lamp. HOWEVER, this way is more fun…for me.

Step 1: Get your shit together.

Step 2: Cover the light socket with tape and plastic. Do this with the cord too.

Step 3: Get out your spray paint and “have at er”

Step 4: You thought you were done, BUT im in charge here, you know, THE BOSS, and I say do another coat because you’re a dumbass.

Step 5: Place your lamp on a distressed night side table, preferably one that has a distressed picture frame above it. Shits about to get real because Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose will be SO excited when they get home. Dorothy’s voice might even go up an octave, but don’t count on it.

Ornate Gold Frames


I have a SERIOUS problem. Every time I see an old, GOLD, ornate frame, I want it soo bad. Is that okay? Because there are four in my bedroom alone. I just love the look of an intricate gold frame against a white wall. LIKE, LOVE IT. I just hung one next to my bed. SEE DOWN BELOW! I know what you’re thinking. I really do. You’re thinking Bri Bri is an 80 year old woman TRAPPED in a little flaming homosexuals body, and you’re right. I AM, and I don’t care. BAHA

This last picture I did not take, but it is just so lovely. I found it on a random blog a while back and every once in a while I do a double click and admire it. I thought I would share it with you. Doesn’t it just make you want to have some pretty flowers on your desk or nightstand? Thought so.

Tomorrow Imma do a “DIY with Bri”. Think, lamp. xoxo

Happy Birthday to my Beloved Queen

I am certain all of you know my love for Her Majesty The Queen. I really admire her work ethic and really taking charge of the position she was thrust into. My friend Kasia tweeted me this BEAUTIFUL picture of my home gurl lookin fine in a rainbow of colours! I seriously am going to get this printed and frame it to hang on my bedroom wall. Obviously I will show you guys once I get that done!


Kids Kids Kids,

Settle down, and get back to your assigned seats! I have some news to announce. I have just drawn the winner from my FIRST EVER, BLOG GIVEAWAY!!! OMG. Are you so excited!? I am, and I totally feel like Kristen Wiig from that SNL skit where she “really loves surprise parties”.

Here we go!

LeeAndra Gurl! You WON! EEP. Gurl, I will message you to get your address and all that jazz so I can ship off your prize!   Everyone, thank you so much for participating in my first blog giveaway. Hopefully it wont be too long before I have another.

Until Tomorrow,

Phase 2: The Bedroom Project

Hello my Darling Dears,

I have completed phase two of the bedroom project, and the bedroom has been painted “ultra white.” Admittedly, I have no idea what phase three will be. I hope it involves a bed however. I am so sick of sleeping on a mattress on the floor, although on some levels it makes me feel kind of artsy. Now I can say with full confidence to my children [of the future] that “both your father and I were so poor when we were young we didn’t even have a bed. Just a mattress on the floor”. LOL I can’t wait!

Anywhoodle, Here is a photo from the painting process! 

Looking fresh!

Lots of love!

The Bedroom Project


My doodle Daniel and I moved into our place in Toronto in September. To this day we have done NOTHING to our bedroom. It’s making me RUL cray cray, I won’t lie. I feel like I need a bedroom that I enjoy being in, so I’m taking charge and getting this bedroom DONE LIKE DINNER. Some of the problems are as follows; Our bed is nonexistent; it’s a mattress on the floor. The walls are a nasty shade of sage green, and everything we own is mismatched. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it’s pretty much a GIANT HOT MESS.

In taking charge, I decided to bring you all along for the ride and really take the time and money to do this right. To be honest I have no idea where this money is going to come from, but whatever, I’ll save up. I really believe in investing in quality things that you love.

Step one of “The Bedroom Project” is finding inspiration and determining what you like.


These are 6 of MANY inspiration pictures I saved from Apartment Therapy and magazine clippings.

What did I learn from my inspirational pictures?

  1. I’m an 80 year old lady
  2. Organized clutter is a total YES
  3. I like Symmetry
  4. Rustic is for me
  5.  My bedroom has to be white
  6. I need an antique beautiful important bed [its gonna be REAL pricey...]
  7. Gold and brass with white = Love
  8. I like Chalkboard walls, way too much
  9. Glamour is wonderful
  10. Bunnies must make an appearance

I think that this is a GREAT start! Phase one shall be to paint the walls white! I will let you guys in on ANY updates!

Potatoes Ahoy!


It is time for another DIY with Bri. In all seriousness, this DIY is a total sham and I’m not going to pretend to teach you how to do this. It’s potato stamps. We have been doing this since grade primary. I’m really here to just REMIND everyone, that potato stamps are still cool. Here we goooo!

We made this ancor card for our friend Nigel’s birthday! Some cute eh!? Daniel gets FULL credit for this beaut though, I wont lie. Even though I want to.