Improving your Balcony

Hello there my darling dears!

I just wanted to post some pictures from our attempt at making our little balcony a tiny bit prettier.  Some SPICE, one might say ;).

I’m going to be REAL honest. Our balcony looks over a fucking empty lot of dirt, so it needs all the help it can get. Daniel and I are also living on SEVERE BUDGETS, so we put our heads together and thought “where do poor people shop?”. The answer my friends is the dollar store. We headed over and found these cheap plastic pots and spray painted them white. We also were finally able to put these cute floral buckets to use. We got them from IKEA a couple months ago, and they had been collecting dust ever since. Our balcony still needs a lot of work, even after these improvements. It’s getting there though eh!? I was also thinking about getting some outdoor tile to put down. Does anybody know where I can find some?

New Friends!


I would just like to say that my camera was DEADZO BANANZO as soon as I arrived at Blogpodium yesterday. You’ll just have to deal with these AMAZING smilebooth photos. HELL YES WE’RE COOL BEANS, CHECK US OUT. Can you believe I made actual friends? These are not like regular friends though, these are cool blogger friends. WOAH.

You should probs check out there blogs!

Tea Tins Plant Holders!

This right here, is a SUPER FANTASTIC idea from House & Home. I LOVE this idea so much, because I have so many pretty tea tins that I just couldn’t bear to throw out. I must get some herbs and pretty little fleurs for the window sill.  Now I need to find a use for all those vintage cigarette tins I bought   a couple summers ago in P.E.I.  Any ideas?

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Rainbowfy your Books

Well Hello my darling dears,

Today is a beautiful Monday morning! The sun is shining and apparently it is going to be a warm 21 degrees here in Toronto.  The last 2 weeks for me have been pretty much GARBAGE, so I feel like I have to go out and enjoy the warmth of the sun today. I haven’t blogged as much as I wanted to over those miserable days, so I thought I would shoot out a happy post. In an attempt to cheer myself up I thought I would rainbowfy our books! OBVS I don’t need to explain how to do this.  It was actually kind of calming to sit infront of that little bookcase and colour code. Give it a go on a rainy day maybe? I THINK YES. It will do wonders for a miserable mood.

Manic Monday

As long as I live, this song will always be played on mondays, and I will ALWAYS think of my best friend Sarah back home in Nova Scotia! Some Mondays it is the only thing that gets me through. ENJOY!