Trash Blog: Coffee Tables


I swear I find most of the stuff thats in our home in the trash.  Is that gross? IS IT? Regardless if it is gross to you or not, ITS HOW I ROLL. These two coffee tables were found and brought back to be fixed up! What do you all think? Which one should I fix up and keep? 

I am QUITE certain that Daniel and our roommate Kennedy are sick of me bringing shit home. Deal with it guys, I’m a dumpster diver.  Let me know in the comments if you guys have any ideas for what I could do to them. To be honest my first instinct is to paint them a fresh cloud white, but maybe thats too boring. Let me know, down below. BAM

19 thoughts on “Trash Blog: Coffee Tables

  1. With a little paint and pzazz, the top (70’s era) table could be fairly awesome. I’m sure you will make it great.

  2. I think the first, with a nice shade of stone grey and three or four thin straight black lines across the top would look mighty sharp. As for the second, I once found a black coffee table that had an ornate top and painted it white and had my friends during parties or small gatherings doodle on it. It was pretty sick.

  3. Love them both! It isn’t gross at all- Chris and I used to do that all the time. I think the first one could be really fun with a little colour but I can definitely see the second one being painted a fresh white. Keep dumpster diving – where would trash blog be without the trash?!

  4. definitely the first one! you could do contrasting layers depending on the space – my apt is primarily ikea blackbrown, so black and that redish hue. just based on the pillows in the pic, maybe black on bottom with a vintagey mint green on top?

    • Brain; Just got around to checking out the blog linked above ;) I LOVE the stencilled table, but even more the Penny Countertop !!!

  5. I think the second table would look great with a grey faux marble finish with the legs remaining black..
    The first table is well too modern … that whole atomic age 50’s motif just does not jell with what I imagine your decorating tastes to be. Its an awesome table just not your styling … perhaps there is another dumpster diver fraternity member you can trade for another diamond in the rough?

  6. Hi i really love youre blog and videos in youtube. And i think you should take the black one fix it and to give it a little something paint something on it, that would give it you know make it a little nicer i guess. :)

  7. Yummy finds Brian!!
    I do declare that the first table should be painted with some pastel pops of color! Make it eccentric! The second one should be white at the table and black at the legs.

  8. Don’t fret, love!
    Just the other day somebody was moving out in the building next to mine and they dumped all their furniture outside by the bin. I was taking the garbage out and I saw this adorible entertainment unit. It has these fancy glass doors and was made of oak, and I needed more space to put things, so I got my step-dad to help me carry it in. It weighed SO much, but it looks fabulous in my room.

    Here’s a positive way of thinking the next time you find something in the trash and you bring it inside. Dumping stuff like furniture outside your home is illegal. So while those people are breaking the law, you’re helping them obey it.

    Loveyou <3

  9. The first one, Its very 60’s 70’s, But DON’T YOU DARE PAINT IT! its predictable! Insted just polish it up, buff it up, get rid of the scuffs!! Sand it if you have to!! You have the table YOU MIGHT ASWELL OWN IT!! OWN THE 70s.. Vintage is in!

  10. Brian; Go to a home improvement / carpet store & buy a dark background Vintage Formica (something with glittery flecks in it) and glue it to the surfaces of the dbl deck coffee table.. then paint the legs Silver.. The 50’s modern age furniture can be fun !

    As for the other coffee table.. I suggest it be returned to the trash. ha

  11. I love the first one, but it definitely needs to be painted and given some pop. Perhaps paint the top part one color, then the bottom another color? Also you could add stripes or some other design you like with paint or some kind of stencil. The second one with the right furniture it could be cute, but I personally don’t care for it.

  12. Hi! I happened across one of your videos on YouTube where you linked to your blog. Thought I’d check it out, since you seem to be quite creative :) Then I read this entry and wanted to add my vote – to the second table, yay!

    The first table is wonderfully edgy, but the French coffee table would turn out gorgeous if you actually managed to polish it, or wax it, or whatever one does to make wooden surfaces shine. Or you could simply paint it devil’s red, or burgundy, as those colours are high in fashion this autumn ;) The oval shape of the table would be a nice contrast to your coach, as well. There. I’ve let you know my opinion on this very important matter. Excited to see the results, either way!

    ~ Camilla

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