Abstract Silhouette Of Her Majesty The Queen

Hey Poodles!

I have been working on this painting for a while and this morning I decided to buckle down and get er done. Actually, my friend Luc forced me to paint today. He’s great. Here is the Freshly completed 30″X40″ abstract/silhouette of The Queen. Not only is she FINALLY done, but she’s FOR SALE! To the Highest bidder!
If any one is interested Let a brother know! My e-mail is innisbrian@gmail.com. Subject: Queen Painting!
She would look pretty slammin in your living room? office? bedroom?

be back soon,
The dukes signiture

The Power of Paint!

Whats up doodles and noodles!

It’s yo boy Bri, coming at you LIVE from Montreal Canada. Todays blog post is to show you THE POWER OF MOTHA FUCKIN PAINT BICTHES! I am SUCH a HUGE believer in slapping a coat of fresh paint on ANYTHING to spruce it up or give er’ a new look. Before (as you can see) our floors were pretty nasty, but after the wave of a highly toxic floor paint wand they are given new life. I also found the cutest rugs at Urban Outfitters the other day and will show you them, liiike maybe tomorrow…maybe. Anywhoodle enough with the chit chat, here is the before and after!

PicMonkey Collage


See you soon!
The dukes signiture

DIY With Bri: End Tables

Bitches and slores,

I did a revolutionary DIY yesterday. It involved spray painting end tables we found in the garbage WHITE. WOAH. For the record I HATE spray painting. I feel like I have a CLAW for a hand when im done. That summer scooping ice-cream for rude Americans wearing socks and buckle sandals really fucked me over. Carpal tunnel for the win.

Have the best Sunday!

Throw Pillows

Children of the corn,

Today we are making throw pillows.  Thats right honey boo, so get out your sewing machine and have at er! Daniel and I got this great colourful stripped fabric at IKEA. God I love IKEA, I don’t know how I got along without them!

  • Step 1- Like always, get your shit together please. You need a sewing machine, fabric, and a pillow fill or stuffing (not the turkey kind)
  • Step 2- Channel your 15 year old self, and remember what the family studies teacher told you.
  • Step 3- Measure your fabric to the same size as your pillow fill, and then cut it out.
  • Step 4- Do it again…
  • Step 5- Take the two pieces of fabric you just cut out, turn them inside out and sew three sides together.
  • Step 6- Sew the fourth side half way, turn it right side out again and then put your fill inside.
  • Step 7-Sew the rest up by hand and then ENJOY!

In other news, Para Paints saw my post on the paint chip wall project I did, and asked me if I wanted another fan deck to finish the job. Obvi I said “HELL YEAH”. They sent a courier over with it today, so I think I will finish off the wall. Pictures to come soon!

DIY: $15 Lamp

If you need light, this DIY is for you. This project cost fifteen bucks. Thats pretty cheap, so you could for sure do this if you were poor. Five Bucks for spray paint, five bucks for the lamp at Value Village, and five bucks for the lamp shade at IKEA. To be completely real right now, I could just show you a  picture of the finished product and then you could just guess at how to do this. You don’t need a step by step tutorial on how to spray paint a fucking lamp. HOWEVER, this way is more fun…for me.

Step 1: Get your shit together.

Step 2: Cover the light socket with tape and plastic. Do this with the cord too.

Step 3: Get out your spray paint and “have at er”

Step 4: You thought you were done, BUT im in charge here, you know, THE BOSS, and I say do another coat because you’re a dumbass.

Step 5: Place your lamp on a distressed night side table, preferably one that has a distressed picture frame above it. Shits about to get real because Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose will be SO excited when they get home. Dorothy’s voice might even go up an octave, but don’t count on it.

Potatoes Ahoy!


It is time for another DIY with Bri. In all seriousness, this DIY is a total sham and I’m not going to pretend to teach you how to do this. It’s potato stamps. We have been doing this since grade primary. I’m really here to just REMIND everyone, that potato stamps are still cool. Here we goooo!

We made this ancor card for our friend Nigel’s birthday! Some cute eh!? Daniel gets FULL credit for this beaut though, I wont lie. Even though I want to.