Rainbow Treats.

These pictures are from a while ago when Daniel and I went adventuring on Queen Street West.  I already shared these pictures with you, but since then the blog TOTALLY shit the bed and I thought I would re-post them because the colours make me happy!

Desmond & Beatrice Bakeshop and Cupcakery

My Good Lords and Ladies,

It gives me great pleasure, to declare before you all, that I, His Royal Highness The Duke of Design, have found…THE BEST PLACE EVER. The place I speak of is a bake shop and cupcakery and is called Desmond & Beatrice. How CUTE.

Lord Daniel and I often venture down Queen St East because it is just around the corner from us, and it feels very much like a friendly neighbourhood. If you guys ever find yourselves among the coolness, keep your eyes pealed for this absolute GEM. D&B are located 750A Queen Street East. Check out their website HERE, as well as their Twitter account, HERE!

UMMM okay, do you see that GIGANTIC chocolate chip cookie!? It was pretty much the best thing I HAVE EVER tasted. Do you wanna know why? Because when I ate it, it was still warm from the oven, AND there is a motha effing brownie baked into the middle. As if chocolate chip cookies couldn’t get any better; these guys down at Desmond and Beatrice stuff a brownie inside them. I warn you, if you buy this cookie you will spiral out of control. My poor figure.

Green Onion, Who Knew?

Hello Rabbit,

Daniel and I eat A LOT of nachos, pretty much our favourite meal to eat. Especially when we are feeling lazy and want to pig out and watch a movie…which is a lot.  One of the many vegetables that we like to put on our nachos is green onion.  When you get to the bottom of your green onion stem you are left with that white little stumpy thing with the roots coming out. We got to thinking if you put that in water, would it grown? Well darlings, I am here to tell you it totally does! Who’s pumped at this discovery!? I know I am! Now we will have nonstop green onion for all of our nacho adventures. It is fun to grow your own herbs, this has inspired me to get a herb garden going for our balcony. Stay tuned for that folks!