New Rug Time!

As vaguely promised yesterday, here is what our two new 5X7 rugs look like! $44.00 from urban Outfitters. They were such a great deal We LITERALLY thought they were priced wrong. We snatched them up RUL FAST. Check it.

until next time!
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The Power of Paint!

Whats up doodles and noodles!

It’s yo boy Bri, coming at you LIVE from Montreal Canada. Todays blog post is to show you THE POWER OF MOTHA FUCKIN PAINT BICTHES! I am SUCH a HUGE believer in slapping a coat of fresh paint on ANYTHING to spruce it up or give er’ a new look. Before (as you can see) our floors were pretty nasty, but after the wave of a highly toxic floor paint wand they are given new life. I also found the cutest rugs at Urban Outfitters the other day and will show you them, liiike maybe tomorrow…maybe. Anywhoodle enough with the chit chat, here is the before and after!

PicMonkey Collage


See you soon!
The dukes signiture

Its Been a long while eh!?

Hello to all my Noodles and Poodles,

It has been such a long time since I last updates this blog of mine! There has beens so much change in the last few months, and it is WAY to overwhelming to share it with you…at least for now. I’m sure I’ll get to it eventually little by little. To some it all up? I moved from Toronto to Montreal! New apartment and lots of decorating to be done! In the next few days I will update you guys n’ gals with what my place is looking like so far. For now I will just show you what I bought today. Its super riveting and revolutionary.
Basically just handy wire baskets and cute red and white paper straws…LOL. Deal with it biznatches.

Love you!
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Merry & Bright


I LOVE Pinterest; you should probably follow me. I spend hours upon hours pinning, pinning, PINNING! But here’s the thing, I appreciate the pins yet never actually use them as inspiration in the practical sense. So, I’m making changes and started small by duplicating this beauteous holiday chalk drawing.

Love you doodles and poodles,

DIY With Bri: End Tables

Bitches and slores,

I did a revolutionary DIY yesterday. It involved spray painting end tables we found in the garbage WHITE. WOAH. For the record I HATE spray painting. I feel like I have a CLAW for a hand when im done. That summer scooping ice-cream for rude Americans wearing socks and buckle sandals really fucked me over. Carpal tunnel for the win.

Have the best Sunday!

Dahlia Friends

Hey you noodles,

I bought three new friends today. Meet Bryanna, Ethel, and Sophia. They are my new beautiful Dahlias friends I got at my favourite little flower shop on Queen East called Quince Flowers!So far they have been great listeners, and really put a smile on my face every morning. Have the best day guys!