The Power of Paint!

Whats up doodles and noodles!

It’s yo boy Bri, coming at you LIVE from Montreal Canada. Todays blog post is to show you THE POWER OF MOTHA FUCKIN PAINT BICTHES! I am SUCH a HUGE believer in slapping a coat of fresh paint on ANYTHING to spruce it up or give er’ a new look. Before (as you can see) our floors were pretty nasty, but after the wave of a highly toxic floor paint wand they are given new life. I also found the cutest rugs at Urban Outfitters the other day and will show you them, liiike maybe tomorrow…maybe. Anywhoodle enough with the chit chat, here is the before and after!

PicMonkey Collage


See you soon!
The dukes signiture

Dahlia Friends

Hey you noodles,

I bought three new friends today. Meet Bryanna, Ethel, and Sophia. They are my new beautiful Dahlias friends I got at my favourite little flower shop on Queen East called Quince Flowers!So far they have been great listeners, and really put a smile on my face every morning. Have the best day guys!

The Bedroom Project: Finished Wall


I finally finished this BITCH. It took so long for me to get motivated and just buckle down  and stick 250 more holes in my wall. Anywhoodle, here she is! SHES A BEAUT CLARKE! I pulled a 14 year old girl move and boosted the colour on this photo. Deal with it. Next on my SLOW moving bedroom project is painting some night tables WHITE. Then I think it is time Daniel and I got a REAL bed. Yes folks, we are still sleeping on a mattress on the floor. I got my eye on a real show stopper at IKEA. I am just waiting for it to come into stock. I can’t wait to not have to crawl up off the floor in the morning LOL.

Later days fart weasels,

Trash Blog: Coffee Tables


I swear I find most of the stuff thats in our home in the trash.  Is that gross? IS IT? Regardless if it is gross to you or not, ITS HOW I ROLL. These two coffee tables were found and brought back to be fixed up! What do you all think? Which one should I fix up and keep? 

I am QUITE certain that Daniel and our roommate Kennedy are sick of me bringing shit home. Deal with it guys, I’m a dumpster diver.  Let me know in the comments if you guys have any ideas for what I could do to them. To be honest my first instinct is to paint them a fresh cloud white, but maybe thats too boring. Let me know, down below. BAM

Trash Blog: Bookcase


Kids, it has been WAY TO LONG! I mean it! I seriously fell of the band wagon. Maybe I will chase that wagon and jump back on again. To be honest I don’t even know if I will. I am so bad at keeping up with these things when I don’t have extra time. I should make some extra time though. I guess we will see!

Lately Daniel and I have been finding so much good shit in the garbage in our building. Check out this white IKEA bookshelf we found. I decided to get some pretty fabric and staple gun it to the back. How pretty is this!? RUL PRETTY if you ask me.

:) Hopefully talk to you guys soon!

Throw Pillows

Children of the corn,

Today we are making throw pillows.  Thats right honey boo, so get out your sewing machine and have at er! Daniel and I got this great colourful stripped fabric at IKEA. God I love IKEA, I don’t know how I got along without them!

  • Step 1- Like always, get your shit together please. You need a sewing machine, fabric, and a pillow fill or stuffing (not the turkey kind)
  • Step 2- Channel your 15 year old self, and remember what the family studies teacher told you.
  • Step 3- Measure your fabric to the same size as your pillow fill, and then cut it out.
  • Step 4- Do it again…
  • Step 5- Take the two pieces of fabric you just cut out, turn them inside out and sew three sides together.
  • Step 6- Sew the fourth side half way, turn it right side out again and then put your fill inside.
  • Step 7-Sew the rest up by hand and then ENJOY!

In other news, Para Paints saw my post on the paint chip wall project I did, and asked me if I wanted another fan deck to finish the job. Obvi I said “HELL YEAH”. They sent a courier over with it today, so I think I will finish off the wall. Pictures to come soon!

Para Paints Project


Lately I have REALLY shit the bed, and haven’t kept up with my blog. I am ashamed truly, especially because I know everyone else seems to be on the ball!

When I attended Blogpodium, it really inspired me to keep blogging away. It even inspired a new project that will be coming up shortly. I am so stoked about it, but for now I will keep it a secret. LOL! Blogpodium also supplied me with some pretty awesome free gifts. Para Paints gave out some fan decks of all their wonderful paint colours. Originally I thought I wanted to paint some stripes on my bedroom wall, but then the wheels started turning. I had a brilliant idea. I’m not sure if I had seen this somewhere or I just thought it up on my own; either way, I found myself at Staples buying 300 push pins, so I could tack all of these beautiful colours on my wall. I took some pictures along the way! Check it out!As you can see, I only had enough to do exactly half of the wall. I don’t know if I am content with this or not. Half of me thinks its fine and the other half is like “FINISH THE JOB JACKASS”. What are you guys thinking? Let me know down below!

Rainbowfy your Books

Well Hello my darling dears,

Today is a beautiful Monday morning! The sun is shining and apparently it is going to be a warm 21 degrees here in Toronto.  The last 2 weeks for me have been pretty much GARBAGE, so I feel like I have to go out and enjoy the warmth of the sun today. I haven’t blogged as much as I wanted to over those miserable days, so I thought I would shoot out a happy post. In an attempt to cheer myself up I thought I would rainbowfy our books! OBVS I don’t need to explain how to do this.  It was actually kind of calming to sit infront of that little bookcase and colour code. Give it a go on a rainy day maybe? I THINK YES. It will do wonders for a miserable mood.

Manic Monday

As long as I live, this song will always be played on mondays, and I will ALWAYS think of my best friend Sarah back home in Nova Scotia! Some Mondays it is the only thing that gets me through. ENJOY!