Abstract Silhouette Of Her Majesty The Queen

Hey Poodles!

I have been working on this painting for a while and this morning I decided to buckle down and get er done. Actually, my friend Luc forced me to paint today. He’s great. Here is the Freshly completed 30″X40″ abstract/silhouette of The Queen. Not only is she FINALLY done, but she’s FOR SALE! To the Highest bidder!
If any one is interested Let a brother know! My e-mail is innisbrian@gmail.com. Subject: Queen Painting!
She would look pretty slammin in your living room? office? bedroom?

be back soon,
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Still Chalkboard Obsessed!


Chalkboard is obvi nothing new these days. If you follow any interior design trends or even do a light browse on Tumblr these days, you know that chalkboard paint is EVERYTHING. I LOVE it a little too much! It’s my dream to have a little country kitchen with a chalkboard wall. It will happen, however, until then I will kick it apartment style and chalkboard what I can. I thought I would show you what I have done in my own little apartment here in Frenchland…CHECK IT.



This old dresser has been in my boyfriend Daniels family for quite some time. When we received it, I believe it was baby pink. We refinished it, painted it white, and we have used it in our bedrooms for years! This year we refinished it yet again in chalkboard paint and then added some new handles. It really goes to show that with a little effort you can recycle things you already have. Also, right now the dresser is being used as a little bar in our kitchen area. Get creative and move stuff around. Just because it’s a dresser doesn’t mean it has to be for clothes. Just because it’s a bookcase doesn’t mean you can’t use it for your clothes or shoes in your bedroom. Moral of the story; Breath new life into things you once thought were shit.

See you soon!
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The Joys of Snail Mail

IMG_2764What up bitches and hoes, bitches and hoes

It’s yo boy Bri. Obvi.
Today we are talking about the joys of snail mail. That’s right, snail mail. Signed, sealed, delivered kind of shit. The kind of mail that requires a little lick. The kind of mail know one sends anymore. It’s an art form really, and who doesn’t love getting a letter in the mail!? In fact if you don’t like getting snail mail, We’re straight up not friends anymore. It’s sad to say that letters in the mail just don’t get sent anymore. In fact, Canada post is phasing out door to door delivery in the next 5 years! When I heard this I was gobsmacked! Truly upset! But then I thought about how I didn’t even send mail…so like, why should I be so upset. There is something romantic however, about a handwritten letter, and I took it upon myself to keep the romance alive in 2014. “write more snail mail!” SO WHO’S WITH ME! Get up off your lazy ass and buy some adorable stationery(or create it). It’s out there Jerry, and you’ll love every minute of it. I got my shit at Anthropology in the sale section. LOL. I do believe Indigo has some cute stationery too! Do what you gotta do gurl, just get writing those damn letters!

See you later!!!
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Happy New Years Bitches!

Hey You Kids!

Photo Cred to some kid on tumblr.

Photo Cred to some kid on tumblr.

Happy New Year!

It has certainly been a while since I posted on The Duke of Design hasn’t it!? I was terrible at keeping up, However, 2014 is HERE BABY! I have made it one of my many New Years resolutions to blog my life away! Here is the skinny on what has been going on and an explanation for my lack of blog power. I was working for a company with REDICK hours. As in 3:30 am wake up call…then, for arguments sake, an hour drive to a different city…what the capital F was I thinking. It was long ass hours and I found myself MAD everyday. You KNOW I can’t be dealing with that SHIT Euryday. So, I quit! I had the power to change my life BACK to the better and I did just that! I went home for Christmas and had a wonderful time breathing in fresh pine air, eating the most seafood chowder I ever have in my life, and spending lots of time with my beautiful family! Nova Scotia Christmas never fails to impress! Also, It snowed on christmas day. HOW PERFECT! My gorgeous sister Lady Melissa would like to point out that THAT is a Christmas miracle.

I figured the best way to start off this blogging adventure was to share my New years resolutions with you! You are more than welcome to share yours with me! I would love it. Do it now.


I would also like to point out that this is not so much a strict list as it is what I would love 2014 to include. Click that image if you want to be able to read those resolutions.

See you farts soon!
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Working with what you got!

Well Bonjour,

Today we are talking about artwork. Artwork is a very strange thing when decorating your home. One, because people like to pick art that’s a mass production MESS, and two because it’s so easy to have GOOD artwork on your walls with very little effort. Just use things that you ALREADY posses. DAS RIGHT LADIES, LISTEN UP. I am going to share a perfect example of working with what you got.
The area above our coffe/bar station in our kitchen was looking pretty plain jane. We needed to fill the wall up with happiness and something appropriate for the space. Lord knows im on a STRICT budget so I needed something CHEAP, but pretty, and hopefully kinda special. I remembered Daniel had an old 1960’s Betty Crocker cook book, with AMAZING illustrations in it, just sitting around for a long time. We always liked to take it out to look and laugh at the great pictures and recipes inside. Some of the titles are PRETTY AMAZING and super outdated. It got me thinking about how much we enjoyed the cook book but it was always stowed away in a cupboard. Daniel and I decided to choose 12 of our favourite pictures and frame them with simple, white frames from the dollar store. We hung them in 3 rows of 4 and I think it looks absolutely amazing. The cost was under $15.00 and now we can appreciate them everyday when we make our morning lattes! Check it out!

Until next time!
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New Rug Time!

As vaguely promised yesterday, here is what our two new 5X7 rugs look like! $44.00 from urban Outfitters. They were such a great deal We LITERALLY thought they were priced wrong. We snatched them up RUL FAST. Check it.

until next time!
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