Trash Blog: Coffee Tables


I swear I find most of the stuff thats in our home in the trash.  Is that gross? IS IT? Regardless if it is gross to you or not, ITS HOW I ROLL. These two coffee tables were found and brought back to be fixed up! What do you all think? Which one should I fix up and keep? 

I am QUITE certain that Daniel and our roommate Kennedy are sick of me bringing shit home. Deal with it guys, I’m a dumpster diver.  Let me know in the comments if you guys have any ideas for what I could do to them. To be honest my first instinct is to paint them a fresh cloud white, but maybe thats too boring. Let me know, down below. BAM

Tea Tins Plant Holders!

This right here, is a SUPER FANTASTIC idea from House & Home. I LOVE this idea so much, because I have so many pretty tea tins that I just couldn’t bear to throw out. I must get some herbs and pretty little fleurs for the window sill.  Now I need to find a use for all those vintage cigarette tins I bought   a couple summers ago in P.E.I.  Any ideas?

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Rainbow Treats.

These pictures are from a while ago when Daniel and I went adventuring on Queen Street West.  I already shared these pictures with you, but since then the blog TOTALLY shit the bed and I thought I would re-post them because the colours make me happy!

DIY: $15 Lamp

If you need light, this DIY is for you. This project cost fifteen bucks. Thats pretty cheap, so you could for sure do this if you were poor. Five Bucks for spray paint, five bucks for the lamp at Value Village, and five bucks for the lamp shade at IKEA. To be completely real right now, I could just show you a  picture of the finished product and then you could just guess at how to do this. You don’t need a step by step tutorial on how to spray paint a fucking lamp. HOWEVER, this way is more fun…for me.

Step 1: Get your shit together.

Step 2: Cover the light socket with tape and plastic. Do this with the cord too.

Step 3: Get out your spray paint and “have at er”

Step 4: You thought you were done, BUT im in charge here, you know, THE BOSS, and I say do another coat because you’re a dumbass.

Step 5: Place your lamp on a distressed night side table, preferably one that has a distressed picture frame above it. Shits about to get real because Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose will be SO excited when they get home. Dorothy’s voice might even go up an octave, but don’t count on it.

Ornate Gold Frames


I have a SERIOUS problem. Every time I see an old, GOLD, ornate frame, I want it soo bad. Is that okay? Because there are four in my bedroom alone. I just love the look of an intricate gold frame against a white wall. LIKE, LOVE IT. I just hung one next to my bed. SEE DOWN BELOW! I know what you’re thinking. I really do. You’re thinking Bri Bri is an 80 year old woman TRAPPED in a little flaming homosexuals body, and you’re right. I AM, and I don’t care. BAHA

This last picture I did not take, but it is just so lovely. I found it on a random blog a while back and every once in a while I do a double click and admire it. I thought I would share it with you. Doesn’t it just make you want to have some pretty flowers on your desk or nightstand? Thought so.

Tomorrow Imma do a “DIY with Bri”. Think, lamp. xoxo

Happy Birthday to my Beloved Queen

I am certain all of you know my love for Her Majesty The Queen. I really admire her work ethic and really taking charge of the position she was thrust into. My friend Kasia tweeted me this BEAUTIFUL picture of my home gurl lookin fine in a rainbow of colours! I seriously am going to get this printed and frame it to hang on my bedroom wall. Obviously I will show you guys once I get that done!