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My name is Alwin Manjengwa. I was bitten by the Graphic Design bug sometime in 2020 during the lockdown and long 12-hour shifts at the hospital where I was working. Don’t get me wrong, I have always been artistic. Art was my first love but we were star-crossed lovers because I come from a society that stifles creativity and promotes technicality.

With that said, when I had a chance to be reunited with the one that got away, I leaped at the opportunity even though I had no experience or qualifications whatsoever. If my story inspires you, please click the button below to download my CV for more on my qualifications.

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The Process

Offering a royal experience to brands seeking their identities

Welcome Aboard

Thank you for choosing me. At this point, we discuss the perfect package for your brand. I will then meet with you in person, via phonecall, or email you with the brand questionnaire which basically asks you everything I need to know about your brand to go on

Design Time

Depending on your package of choice, this is the stage where we go through the options and revisions to get that final design!

Ready! Set! Launch!

Congratulations! This is the part where I hand over your neatly packaged logo files and you get to share them with the rest of the world!


Take a look at some of my work.

Cocktail Lounge Brand


Cocktail Lounge Brand / Cocktail Lounge Brand
The Drunk Gentleman is a top of the range mixology bar. They cater to executives and corporates that are looking to let loose and wind down after a long day of running a fortune 500 company. For this collaboration, I designed something simple yet elegant and sophisticated enough to catch the eye of an executive.
Mixology Brand


Mixology Brand / Mixology Brand
Barron Chesterfield is a professional mixologist who wanted something that retained his professionalism but also showed a playful side to him as is evident in some of his signature drinks. I thought a “signature” font would bring out that aspect of his brand while the playfully drawn cocktail glass and serif font bring out the playfulness and professionalism.
Beauty Brand


Beauty Brand / Beauty Brand
Gladys is a beauty brand focused on catering to every shade. The client simply wanted something that would stand the test of tie and grow with the brand. what better way to do that than with a simple logo that let’s typography do most of the talking.
Author Brand


Author Brand / Author Brand
Lian Ji Peterson is a fiction writer specializing in fantasy and mystery. for this collaboration, the client wanted a minimalist design consisting of just typography as a clear representation of their profession. I had to come up with a simple yet effective logo that did all the talking for my client.

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